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COVID 19 - Seven Simple Steps for Coping with the Stay Home Order # 8

Many people are having to follow the stay home order enacted to slow the spread of the Corona virus. If you are one of those people, what are you doing to stay sane and avoid becoming overwhelmed?

Here are my seven suggestions for coping with the huge changes we are experiencing due to the health risk of the Corona virus.

1. Accept Reality. It is what it is, and it does not help focusing on things outside of your control. Understand the intended purpose of the restrictions, and respect the health of others and your personal health by limiting contact during this period of time.

2. Practice Self-Care. It is always important to practice good self-care, and it is especially important to do so during these times. Make sure that you get exercise in some way. Go for outdoor walks, walk your dog, ride an exercise bike, and do Yoga or Tai Chi by watching a video. Practice good sleep hygiene. Eat healthy foods and practice eating slowly and mindfully.

3. Tidy Up. If you are home a lot, tidy the house to make it look more attractive and to experience more inner order. You will feel better if the house looks clean and neat.

4. Make Time to Learn. This is a great time to read books of interest and to search the internet about areas of interest. You may also want to watch educational programs on television.

5. Develop a Hobby. You might want to draw or paint. Many persons enjoy doing crafts. What activity would you enjoy doing to have fun.

6. Encourage Others. You can bring a smile to someone by sending a heartfelt email, making a positive post on Facebook, or calling a friend or family member by phone. We all need words of encouragement when faced with spending so much time at home.

7. Find a Meaningful Goal. What might you do to contribute to the well being of others? Use your creativity and talents to pursue a worthy goal. This is a great time to use your skills to accomplish a realistic and meaningful goal.


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