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Do you feel you're not good enough? Blog # 1

I believe most people deep down feel they're not good enough. Feelings of inadequacy may revolve around physical appearance, intelligence, popularity, social skills, status, and a number of other characteristics.

Think about times when you have felt defensive or angry at others? Did your negative emotions stem from you feeling attacked in some way? Did you feel the other person was judging you? Were you insulted by a comment about your looks, or did you believe the other person was putting you down? The more intense our feelings of inferiority are, the more vulnerable we are to being hurt by the words of others.

As a psychologist, I have worked with a number of people who have had traumatic childhood experiences. As children they were shamed and told they were worthless by the very persons that should have been loving and nurturing them. I've had clients who have told me that their mom or dad told them "you're a worthless piece of shit," "you're damaged goods," or "you're too stupid to come in out of the rain." These words live on in their minds undermining their ability to live productive and happy lives. A number of my clients have been physically and/or sexually abused as children. I also understand that a person does not have to have experienced intense trauma to be scared by things that have happened in their past.

I hope you have not experienced a traumatic childhood, but if you have I encourage you to read my blog to help you heal. I want to empower all my readers to feel worthwhile and to find the good within them. I want to teach them how to discover more happiness by practicing acts of kindness and gratitude. It is my desire they they will learn strategies and skills to stop their negative self-talk and practice self-care to become healthier in both their physical and emotional health.

The intent of my blog is to help persons become aware of feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy, and to discover effective ways to both feel better and to be a better person. My next blog will discuss three steps to lessen feelings of not being good enough, and ways to achieve your goals.

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