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EMPOWERMENT SKILLS - The Eighth Effective Living Skill-Set ~ Blog # 20

Updated: Jun 10

Why Are Empowerment Skills Important?

Empowerment skills are an essential part of positive change for persons who possess feelings of low self-worth and engage in excessive self-critical thinking. Many individuals were programmed to think that they are not okay or that they are damaged goods. Their negative beliefs are towering walls that prevent them from attaining worthy goals and becoming who they truly want to be. If I believe I can, then and only then will I take the necessary steps to become the person I want to be. Empowerment skills help persons to gradually dismantle those walls that stand in the way of positive change and healthy self-worth.

WRITE AND VISUALIZE AFFIRMATIONS: An essential key to becoming the person you want to be is to write and visualize who you want to be and to write it as if you are already that way. Don’t write I will become an honest and compassionate person. Do write I am an honest and compassionate person who takes time to listen and help others. At the start of each day imagine how you will demonstrate honesty and caring in a realistic way. Identify and write five positive affirmations that describe the person you want to be and take time to imagine being that person each morning to start your day.

IDENTIFY AND TALK BACK TO KEY NEGATIVE BELIEFS: Take time to identify and write down several of the negative beliefs you have about yourself that serve to stifle your personal growth. Practice telling yourself that belief isn’t true, and replace it with a more rational and positive belief. If you have the opportunity voice your ideas on this aloud with conviction. Start by identifying just one or two negative beliefs you need to talk back to.

Example: Negative belief: I’m lazy and will never have the willpower needed to start my new business. Talk back: That’s not true. I will work at least an hour tonight on planning to develop my business, and I will be successful by disciplining myself to do a reasonable amount of work while also taking time to care for my physical and mental health. I am motivated and I’ve got this.

WRITE A FUTURE JOURNAL: Make a practice of briefly journaling about how you want your day to go by writing in the morning as if you ideally accomplish and feel good accomplishing the major goals you wish to accomplish that day.

Example: I’m proud of getting my twenty-minute exercise routine completed before leaving for work this morning. I feel excited about listening to the concerns of my co-workers and encouraging them during this difficult time. I feel good about validating them and not getting caught up in the negativity. I feel good about taking time to help my wife prepare dinner, and being a good listener. It was especially fun putting my three-year-old daughter to bed and reading two of her favorite bedtime stories to her and making her laugh.

How to Access the Self-Study

This is the eighth blog related to the Effective Living Skills Self-Study. Each self-study skill set has a study sheet and a worksheet that you can access by going to the Self Study section at the top of the home page. Just click on the related PDF and you can print or download the study material. You can also print a certificate of completion with you name after completing each of the ten skill sets.

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